100 years ago today


Follow our diary through the war years as part of our commemoration of the First World War and the events leading up to it.

Entries kindly maintained by local Historian Godfrey Thomas, author of Every one a Hero, the stories behind the names on War memorials in three local schools.

1st   One hundred and fifty killed in munitions factory explosion

2nd   The one millionth US soldier leaves New York for Europe

3rd     The Turkish Sultan dies. Turks losing on all fronts

4th     Major Italian advance into the Piave delta

5th     Austrian counter attack defeated by Italians

6th     Signs of ‘civil war’ returning to Russia in civil unrest

7th     German air raid kills British 43 women at an ambulance park

8th     British and French forces advance east on the Western Front

9th     Major Italian advance in Albania

10th   PM Asquith talks about a League of Nations after the war ends

11th   Germany announces a ‘no change’ policy in Foreign Affairs

12th   500 lost in the sinking of a Japanese battleship by Germans

13th   Haiti declares war on Germany

14th  Britain and Germany discuss the exchange of prisoners

15th   The Second battle of the Marne in France ends indecisively

16th   Tsar Nicholas and his family murdered at Ekaterinburg

17th   British, French and Australians forces advance near the Somme

18th   Honduras declares war on Germany

19th    The main German Zeppelin base was heavily bombed

20th   A big German push on the Western Front is postponed

21st     In East Africa a British and Portuguese advance starts

22nd   Munitions workers go on strike in Coventry

23rd   George V visits the Grand Fleet

24th   General Smuts of South Africa discusses relations with British

25th   All the Allies advance east in France

26th   Munitions strikers threatened with compulsory military service

27th   British cavalry pursue German retreat on the Western Front

28th   Edward Mannock VC Britain’s top pilot killed in ‘dog fight’

29th   Munitions works’ strikers return to work

30th   German resistance firms up on all fronts

31st   US forces push Germans back in major actions near the Somme




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