100 years ago today


Follow our diary through the war years as part of our commemoration of the First World War and the events leading up to it.

Entries kindly maintained by local Historian Godfrey Thomas, author of Every one a Hero, the stories behind the names on War memorials in three local schools.

1st   67 men lost in the sinking of a British armed merchant cruiser in the Channel

2nd   German forces capture Kiev in Ukraine

3rd   Treaty of Brest-Litovsk finally signed between Russia and Germany

4th   German advance on the Western Front and claims 63,000 prisoners in a week

5th    Romania signs a preliminary peace treaty with Germany

6th   German air force launches a major bombing campaign on London and Kent

7th   The Germans sign a peace treaty with Finland

8th   Paris suffers heavy aerial attacks

9th   British forces advance from the Jordan valley towards the Euphrates

10th   A British hospital ship was attacked but not sunk in the Bristol Channel

11th   British forces hold a German attack in Flanders

12th   British forces advance three miles in Palestine

13th   Several Zeppelin raids over Yorkshire and the east coast

14th   The British estimate over 200 enemy planes lost since the start of the month

15th   German forces occupy Odessa

16th   French forces launch raids on German forces around Verdun

17th   German forces immediately retaliate and hold their positions

18th   Fierce fighting flares up along the Western Front in Flanders

19th   The principle of a League of Nations was debated inconclusively in Parliament

20th   German forces advance in Lorraine

21st   The ‘Second Somme’ starts with a major German attack on a fifty mile front

22nd   British forces cross the river Jordan moving east

23rd   Paris shelled from a fifty miles distance

24th   Major activity in the Somme region but stalemate forces a halt

25th   Germans re-attack taking advantage of apparent confusion in British plans

26th   British forces advance into the Euphrates valley

27th   British forces recover in the Somme area with air support

28th   German forces halted at Villers-Brettoneux south of the Somme

29th   The German government finally ratifies the Treaty of Brest Litovsk with Russia

30th   George V visits the Western Front as many US troops arrive in France

31st   Claims of a monthly total of 838 enemy planes downed by British to 221 by Germans



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