100 years ago today


Follow our diary through the war years as part of our commemoration of the First World War and the events leading up to it.

Entries kindly maintained by local Historian Godfrey Thomas, author of Every one a Hero, the stories behind the names on War memorials in three local schools.

1st   Germans launch an attack on the Russian held Baltic port of Riga

2nd   Russians fall back under a massive German onslaught

3rd   230 casualties in German night time raid on the Kent coast

4th   Germans mount first major air raid on London by night

5th   The battle of Riga ends with striking German success

6th   British forces go on the offensive in East Africa

7th   Austrians launch a major bombing raid on Venice

8th   General Kornilov leads revolt against Russian Provisional Government

9th  British recapture 600 metres of trenches in Flanders

10th Kerensky assumes ‘dictatorship’ in Russia

11th first repatriated prisoners arrive in London

12th the eleventh battle for Isonzo (Austria v Italy) ends in stalemate

13th Kornilov’s revolt collapses

14th French forces advance in Verdun area

15th Russia is proclaimed a Republic

16th   French planes bomb German industrial areas in Ruhr

17th With harvest largely in, ‘Summertime’ ends on British clocks

18th French demand return of Alsace/Lorraine and reparations from Germany

19th 343,000 US conscripts in service by mid month

20th Germans use mustard gas in Menin Rd attack near Ypres

21st Costa Rica breaks diplomatic relations with Germany

22nd with ground dry, attack and counter attack resume in Ypres Salient

23rd British destroyer sunk in the Channel

24th First non stop flight from Turin to London in 7 hours (650miles)

25th Zeppelin raid over Yorkshire

26th Battle of Polygon Wood starts in Flanders

27th British advance on Mosul to try to secure oil supplies

28th big British success against Turks near Baghdad

29th King of Italy visits French and Belgian Fronts

30th 6,000 pows taken by Britain in previous four weeks








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