100 years ago today


Follow our diary through the war years as part of our commemoration of the First World War and the events leading up to it.

Entries kindly maintained by local Historian Godfrey Thomas, author of Every one a Hero, the stories behind the names on War memorials in three local schools.

1st Fighting flares up in German East Africa
2nd Mutiny in the German fleet reported at Wilhelmshaven
3rd The battle of Polygon Wood (Ypres) starts
4th Anzac forces capture part of the Ypres Salient ridge
5th Peru severs diplomatic relations with Germany
6th Fighting flares around Verdun on the French/German border
7th Uruguay severs diplomatic relations with Germany
8th A major rail strike cripples Russian train movements
9th The Battle of Poelkapelle starts the Third Battle of Ypres
10th British hospital ship mined off Malta
11th The Kaiser visits Bulgaria
12th The Battle for the Passchendaele ridge starts
13th Belgian forces successful against Germans in East Africa
14th Serious food shortages being reported in Britain
15th the ‘spy’ Mata Hari executed by a French firing squad
16th a major flare up reported in the East African fighting
17th two British destroyers sunk in the North Sea
18th German forces capture Russian held islands in the Baltic
19th German Zeppelin raids reduced after major losses
20th The Allied governments ’recognise’ Polish nationalists
21st Turkish forces repulsed at Petra
22nd Trotsky ‘demands’ Russian government makes peace
23rd German forces retire twenty miles from Riga
24th Austrian forces advance for 15 miles against Italians
25th British forces advance two miles east of Ypres
26th Brazil declares war against Germany
27th Mustard gas holds up British attack on Passchendaele
28th Rommel rises to prominence in the German army
29th British plan a full scale cavalry attack in Gaza
30th Britain raises the issue of a Jewish state in Palestine
31st British start third battle of Gaza in Egypt





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