100 years ago today


Follow our diary through the war years as part of our commemoration of the First World War and the events leading up to it.

Entries kindly maintained by local Historian Godfrey Thomas, author of Every one a Hero, the stories behind the names on War memorials in three local schools.

1st   Major Allied advance along most of the Western Front

2nd   British forces destroy Austria’s main naval base at Durazzo

3rd   Allied air forces ‘down’ fifty five German planes

4th Continued German withdrawal from Western Front

5th   Major Italian successes on their Alpine Front

6th   The Germans ask the USA for Armistice talks

7th   British, French and American forces move east unopposed

8th   Allied forces move three miles east on a twenty mile front

9th   Germany’s Hindenburg line broken with 110,000 prisoners taken

10th An Irish mail boat was sunk with 527 losses

11th The Germans demilitarise the entire Flanders coast

12th US troops in Europe number over 1.9 million

13th British advance, largely unopposed, in Turkish held Syria

14th Turkey sends a ‘peace note’ to US President Wilson

15th Germany rapidly ‘losing’ in the Flanders Province in Belgium

16th Peace demonstrations break out in Berlin

17th The Belgian Royal Family return to Belgium from ‘exile’

18th German forces retreat from Bulgaria

19th Germany’s submarine fleet ordered back to bases

20th The entire Belgian coastline cleared of German forces

21st Austrian forces defeated by Italians in a decisive engagement

22nd German officials draw up peace proposals

23rd Allied shipping losses in September announced as 240,000 tons

24th Calls for the Kaiser to abdicate in several German cities

25th Most of Mosul’s oil fields come under British control

26th The German navy mutinies at Kiel; General Ludendorf resigns

27th The Austrians and Hungarians ask for an Armistice

28th Turkish forces reported to be near to collapse in Mesopotamia

29th Italian forces advance five miles on a thirty mile front

30th Outbreaks of influenza reported over much of western Europe

31st Turks unilaterally call for a cease fire






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